How are ATEX products different to other products?

Most electrical/electronic products have to achieve some, EU directives. One of the main purposes of these directives will be for safety. So a product will be tested by the manufacturer or an external...

19th April 2017

Risks need assessing and reducing or removing

You will agree there is always pressure to get maintenance work completed quickly and safely. Risks need assessing and reducing or removing.

11th April 2017

How to easily reduce coating curing times

Relative humidity causes many problems. It slows down work rates, stops paint and coatings from sticking or curing properly, causes delays to projects and so on. So what is it?

7th April 2017

An unrivalled LED Zone 0 Tasklight using a bank of high power LED's...

The SA LUMIN EX LED Tasklight is a very versatile.  It hangs, stands up, lies down, as well as being extremely comfortable and lightweight to hold.  

There is simply nothing like it...

10th March 2017


The SA CYCLONE Portable Fan 30cm is a high power ventilation unit for use in hazardous areas. Constructed from ultra tough antistatic polymer and fitted with aluminium turbine fan blades, the fan will...

6th March 2017

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