Working in Low Temperatures? Our Clients Recommend This Time-Saving Essential

Specialists who work in challenging conditions, especially offshore professionals, often turn to us for equipment advice. This means we hear their feedback on the products available on an almost daily...

5th October 2021

Essential On-Site Heating Insights

Click to discover how a common temporary heating error can avoid on-site delays and impact on your budget.

20th September 2021

Avoiding Confined Space Hazards: A Simple Guide to Measuring Air Flow

It’s hard to overstate just how important the correct level of air flow is for projects where the inherent hazards created by confined space working are present. That’s why we’ve created...

8th September 2021

Safe Tank Cleaning Procedures: Lifesaving Precautions You’ll Need to Take

An introduction to some of the – potentially – life or death measures you’ll need to consider for safe tank cleaning. Click to find out more.

28th July 2021

Hydrogen Power: Questions About Safe Working to Start Discussing Today

The advance of hydrogen fuel is now all but unstoppable but it does raise an essential consideration for those who will be managing or carrying out on-site work where hydrogen power is used: what equipment...

21st May 2021

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