SA LUMIN Tasklight provides optimum lighting at Shell Nederland Raffinaderij B.V.

Shell Nederland Raffinaderij B.V. shared their thoughts on our LED Tasklight. It proved to be the key portable EX lighting product they had been looking for. 

SA Equip offers cost-effective EX Power and Lighting Equipment in Morecambe Bay to Extend the life of Rhyl Field

SA Equip provided cost-saving EX Certified equipment for power distribution and lighting on board Spirit Energy's Normally unmanned installation in Morecambe Bay. 

Mitigating risks during Bonded Warehouse maintenance work

A distillery operator was completing maintenance work in their bonded warehouses to remove asbestos in the roof. SA Equip were requested to provide a range of ATEX certified fans and ducting for the...

To extract fumes out of a small, tight confined space in the air handling units.

Wood Group had a big project of welding and painting in small compartments of the ship. This meant that the fumes had to be extracted to achieve a workable environment. How they managed to extract the...

Water injection pump motor

On the Gryphon Alpha, the water injection pump had been redundant for a few months. When needed to be re-instated, the DC motor was damp. They considered sending the motor back to the beach which would...

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