Getting to know Paul Overton, Pacific Automation's Hazardous Area Sales Representative

22nd May 2019

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My days at Pacific Automation can be described in one word, busy. A typical day will involve meetings with major LNG producers and maintenance support, to come up with solutions, help advise on best practices and selecting the right product for the job.

Over my last 10 years with Pacific, I have experienced several role changes including transitioning from internal to external sales.  I have gained hands-on experience in mine sites, which means I have a good understanding of product applications. Primarily I manage the provision of electrical equipment such as power distribution and IECEx lighting for clients’ operating in the oil and gas industry. Ensuring our clients source the correct products for their projects is key for me, helping them understand advantages of products and cost-savings which can be achieved.

In my spare time, I love to play ice-hockey. Sometimes when I tell people I play ice-hockey and live in Australia they think it sound bizarre. However, the sport is exciting and fast paced, a lot of the skills I have learned from it can be transferred back into work.

Pacific Automation is a great environment to work within and the company is always looking forward and investing in the future of the Australian market. I have been involved since the beginning in the development of our relationship with SA Equip, and have found it to be a great fit. One of the best things about working with SA Equip products is the quality they provide and knowing that it’s a product you can truly rely on. From the extensive range of products SA equip offer, my favourite would have to be the SA LUMIN range as it shows innovation and is of the highest quality.