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The SA CYCLONE Filtration Unit or Filtration System is a versatile portable unit that allows you to filter extracted air in multiple different applications.  It is simply connected inline with flexible ducting and an air mover and as the air moves through it removes particles, odours and/or dust as relevant, expelling clean air from the output.

The unit is also suitable for use in hazardous Areas Zones 1 and 2 as it has undergone an ignition hazard assessment.  It is fully compatible with the SA CYCLONE Air Mover and Anti Static Ducting, meaning a complete temporary ventilation and filtration system can be created using the different elements.

The unit is completely modular and is provided with filters for your application.  Other filters can also be provided so you can configure your unit for the specific task you are undertaking.  Filter units, or filter systems, can be provided for hot work, paint or dust scenarios, and there is also a certified HEPA version which will remove potential bacteria and viruses from the air.

The unit is fitted with duct connectors and can be used either with 30cm or 40cm flexible ducting.

Technical spec

  • ConstructionHigh quality stainless steel with polymer duct connector
  • DesignHinged lid with safety stays allowing easy access, heavy duty swivel wheels for mobility
  • Filter SystemFirst stage G4 panel filter Second stage bag filter (depending on variant) Third stage carbon cartridge filter (depending on variant)
  • Filter Size592mm x 592mm
  • Ducting AttachmentCan be configured to suit 30cm or 40cm ducting
  • Free Airflow (with 30cm Connectors)2500m3/hr, pressure drop 340pa
  • Free Airflow (with 40cm Connectors)2500m3/hr, pressure drop 300pa
  • Dimensions970mm(l) x 665mm(w) x 740mm(h)
  • Weight (without carbon filters)50kg
  • Weight (with carbon filters)100kg

Key Benefits

  • Compatible with SA CYCLONE Anti-static Ducting
  • Configurable for use with 30cm & 40cm ducting
  • Wheels for easy manoeuvring
  • Completely modular and configurable
  • Suitable for Hazardous Areas Zones 1 and 2
  • Highly mobile and compact
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Compatible with SA CYCLONE Air Mover
  • Fully weatherproof and suitable for extreme environments

Compatible Products

Anti-static Reinforced Ducting

Anti-static Reinforced Ducting

  • Flame retardant
  • High quality construction
  • Integral carry bag
  • Single and dual strap versions available



  • Compatible with 30cm or 40cm ducting
  • High airflow
  • Very quiet running
  • Easy handling