Getting to know Blake Edwards, A key member of our Innovations Team

3rd June 2019

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Getting to know Blake Edwards, A key member of our Innovations Team

The innovations team get together for a quick huddle each morning to discuss key wins or challenges from yesterday, our individual plans for today, and anything else worthy of note. It’s surprising how much you can laugh at 7 in the morning. I then work methodically through my list of key actions for the day, never to be interrupted by the daily whirlwind. Sounds too good to be true. That’s because in real life this doesn’t always happen, as each day involves plenty of challenges and opportunities for improvement.

In the past six years, the environment around me has changed a great deal as the SA team culture has grown with new members joining us. I started here knowing a little about the industry and what SA Equip do, and I’m pleased to say each day gives me further knowledge and continuous learning. It is tough work at times, but I’ve always felt the results have been worth it by far.

A wise man once said, ‘if you don’t have growth you’re going backwards’. This is true of everything in business today, and the Oil and Gas market is no exception.  At SA Equip part of our vision is to be a world class organisation with a market leading range of products.  Innovation comes from the courage and stamina to never settle with what you have done in past. It’s a continuous journey which inspires excellence for the next thing in the product pipeline.

It’s not easy to choose a favourite product, but the SA LUMIN Tower Light is definitely on the list as it takes only a few minutes to set up, angle the light and switch it on, immediately saving thousands of pounds that is otherwise spent on generator hire, a standby man and hot work permits.