To extract fumes out of a small, tight confined space in the air handling units.

Wood Group had a big project of welding and painting in small compartments of the ship. This meant that the fumes had to be extracted to achieve a workable environment. How they managed to extract the...

Sector Oil & gas

Water injection pump motor

On the Gryphon Alpha, the water injection pump had been redundant for a few months. When needed to be re-instated, the DC motor was damp. They considered sending the motor back to the beach which would...

Sector Oil & gas

Provide power supply to the Solan

Bi-Fab had the task of painting the legs for the Solan platform. They needed lighting and ventilation inside the tubes so EX power was needed. They had a shortage of power supply around the area so...

Sector Oil & gas

Replacing lagging on Vacuum Tower

PetroIneos had a very tight schedule to complete this task as HSE were stopping people from going in the tower until Temporary Lighting was fixed. Originally, they had planned to use fixed Lighting....

Sector Oil & gas

Underside of Heli-deck

Cape were struggling to achieve the correct temperature specification to allow work to commence on the underside of the platform Heli-deck.

Current heaters onboard were taking up to 48...

Sector Oil & gas

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