Hydrogen Power: Questions About Safe Working to Start Discussing Today

The advance of hydrogen fuel is now all but unstoppable but it does raise an essential consideration for those who will be managing or carrying out on-site work where hydrogen power is used: what equipment...

21st May 2021

Air Filtration for Safer Working - What You Need to Know

Welding? Painting? Dusty Environment?

Discover why air filtration is a workplace essential for effective, safer working and how to make it happen.

17th May 2021


A major safety issue found in the brewing and distilling industry – and its solution – presents a valuable case study for professionals working in any area where potentially explosive vapours...

30th April 2021

Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: Four Essential Considerations

Choosing between portable work lighting and fixed lighting? The right decision has a huge impact on safe, efficient working. Click to find out more.


13th April 2021

Safe Working in Confined Spaces: A Coffee Break Primer

Death and serious injuries continue to occur in the UK among those who work in confined spaces. That’s why it’s important to regularly remind both experienced professionals and newcomers to...

23rd March 2021

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