Reducing Shutdown Impact Starts with the Right Equipment

Every offshore professional knows that a well-executed shutdown can avoid damaging delays, disruption and costs. This means a textbook shutdown begins with meticulous planning including the right equipment...

8th February 2021

Update: Zero Disruption to Support or Stocks

Count On Us to Help You Keep Working

29th January 2021

Faster, Safer Ventilation for Aircraft Engineers: Explore the Ultimate System

Safe Ventilation for Aircraft Engineers We’ve often been trusted to deliver stand-alone heat, air, light and power systems when high-performance equipment is as important for critical safety as it...

26th January 2021

Construction Temporary Lighting & Power Distribution: Five Must-See Recommendations

Temporary Lighting & Power Distribution for Construction: Our Five Most Recommended Products Professionals working in the most challenging conditions – including construction - rely on our products...

14th January 2021

Simple Steps to Discover Faster Project Completion | SA Equip

Winter means the use of high-performance heating is more important than ever as the right solution brings faster completion times at a time of year when it matters most.

Our quick-read...

12th January 2021

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