Working in Low Temperatures? Our Clients Recommend This Time-Saving Essential

5th October 2021

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Specialists who work in challenging conditions, especially offshore professionals, often turn to us for equipment advice. This means we hear their feedback on the products available on an almost daily basis.

One product they consistently praise? These SA FLEXIHEAT EX Pipe Heating Jackets and SA FLEXIHEAT High Power Heating Jackets for pipes, valves, pumps and other applications.

That’s because, while every minute of lost time counts in a tough working environment, the jackets simply help prevent solidifying within just a few seconds of fitting time.

In short: even in temperatures as low as -40°C (or -50°C with the high power jacket) both versions keep vital equipment like compressors and pumps running to allow maintenance work to continue with fewer delays.

Let’s take a closer look at both options…


Low Temperature Working: Two Recommended Heating Jackets

A choice between two ATEX and IECEx certified jackets means an ideal version is available for any low temperature environment.

The SA FLEXIHEAT EX Pipe Heating Jackets and SA FLEXIHEAT High Power Heating Jackets are both feature-packed:

• ATEX and IECEx certified for Zones 1 and 2 (gas), 21 and 22 (dust)

• Tough and durable

• Highly portable and lightweight

• Rapid and easy to install

• Different size options: 400mm, 700mm and 1,000mm (narrow)

• Self-regulating heat output

• Allows for virtually any sized pipe or application

• Suitable for straight or curved areas

• Linkable

The individual options have some important differences:

Operational in temperatures as low as -40°C and available in 110V and 230V versions, these jackets give a safe, effective and super-fast alternative to expensive and complex systems.

They're perfect for use where trace heating fails or is difficult to install. The heating jackets simply and quickly wrap around areas where low temperatures cause contents to wax or solidify and can be installed by one worker within seconds.

Suitable for temperatures as low as -50°C and available in 230V, the high powered version provides safe and reliable temporary frost protection and maintenance of process equipment.

The flexibility of the jackets allows them to be installed quickly and easily which significantly reduces maintenance and installation costs. The jackets include both input and output cables allowing jackets to be connected to insulate larger areas.

Both heating jackets are highly portable & lightweight, making it extremely easy to quickly assemble them onto any pipework to take immediate effect.

No additional equipment is needed for the pipe heaters to function, they can simply be plugged in and will start working straight away: saving money and valuable time on-site.

Need Help Choosing the Right Solution?

We’re much more than just a ‘supplier’. We help our clients achieve optimal lighting, heat and ventilation results in challenging environments. Our in-house product development team can even devise a bespoke solution.

After all, we bring almost 100 years of pacesetting service and knowledge - with a foundation in the most extreme shipping and oil industry environments – to global clients across aerospace, shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and more.

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