Why do you need Portable Lighting?

19th April 2017

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Why do you need Portable Lighting?

SA LUMIN EX LED Portable Worklight and floodlight Accessories

Portable Worklights/Floodlights which, in normal use, can be moved from one place to another while connected to the power supply. 

Worklights for wall mounting provided with a non-detachable flexible cable or cord for connection to a plug and Worklights which may be fixed to their support by means of a wing screw, a clip or a hook so that they can easily be removed from their support by hand, are considered to be portable Worklights.

SA Equip have a full range of Lighting Accessories for Worklights and Floodlights.  Take a look at the SA LUMIN Worklight and Floodlight Accessories range by clicking on the links below

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