Water & Wastewater Plant Safety: Essential Advice from Our Specialists

18th February 2021

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We don’t just ‘supply’ standalone light, ventilation, power and heat products. That’s because we provide specialist solutions – often involving bespoke R&D – for key sectors with unique risks.

Supplying the water and wastewater plant industry very much falls within this description.

To help raise awareness of the significant risks involved in the sector, we asked our in-house site equipment experts for four must see tips anyone working in a water or wastewater plant location should see.


Water and Wastewater Plant Safety: Hazardous Areas

Much of the risk around using electrical equipment in areas with a chance of gas explosion can be mitigated by awareness of the specific hazardous areas within a plant.

Headline considerations to be taken into account, before every single task, include:

Risk assess…always

Where a hazard area exists a risk assessment should, of course, be carried out. The main factor to look for is the presence of gases such as methane and hydrogen sulphide as this can generate potentially hazardous areas (ie, areas of potential explosion risk due to the presence of flammable gas or vapour).

Wastewater plant awareness

There are known hazardous areas associated with wastewater treatment plants, particularly where digesters and gas recovery systems are involved.

Think ventilation:

The relationship between the gas source and ventilation is critical. For many plants hazardous areas may not be an issue but cases have been encountered where forced ventilation can still leave a high possibility of gas accumulation.

Water and Wastewater Plant Safety: Choosing Equipment

Our specialist’s fourth piece of advice? Equipment for highly-specialist environments, where there are specific risks, should be carefully chosen. It should, ideally, be sourced from a provider with experience of the type of areas where work is to be carried out.

Whichever equipment is used, SA Equip would urge professionals to keep this essential consideration in mind.

For our part, as a trusted provider of lighting, ventilation and power solutions for use in water and wastewater plans, we’re proud to help clients choose the right products or even develop a customised solution for their specific needs and risk.

In this way we don’t just sell equipment, we listen to clients, create solutions and help create better working environments.


SA Equip portable air, light, heat and power products have been proven in industry, in the air, offshore and beyond for almost a century.


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