21st July 2017

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SA Equip ATEX products performing in potentially explosive areas (grey-scale colours)

Potentially explosive working areas are defined as locations in which gases, vapors, mists and dusts combined with air can form flammable substances. Hazardous area zones in which a wide range of companies operate in today are classified into different ‘Ex-zones’ depending on the degree of probability and length of time in which a hazard exists. Increasingly rigorous health and safety requirements throughout the oil and gas, petrochemical, and aviation industry continually create demand for advanced technology designed for use in hazardous environments.

ATEX Explained

ATEX is a European Directive that amends and adds safety requirements for hazardous areas in national legislation across the member states of the European Union. Standardised legislation enables the sale of ATEX accredited equipment across the EU, without individual manufacturers having to satisfy different requirements for each national market. Compliance with the ATEX directive means reinforced safety aspects – safer design, more demanding testing procedures and specific quality assurance measures throughout the manufacturing process.

Portable ATEX Solutions  

Our key resource is experience. Since the 1960’s, we have been a market leader in designing and building EX equipment for hazardous environments globally. Our wide range of ATEX certified products are unique in the oil and gas industry. Through extensive research and development, design and innovation SA Equip offers clients the most up-to-date heat, air, light and power technologies to increase the safety and efficiency of companies’ operations globally. Our goal is to develop products that are durable and where possible are compatible with our existing range to keep your workforce safe and efficient, day-in day-out.

If you are looking to save money on your projects whilst maintaining the highest standard of safety and efficiency - look no further. Our products enable our clients to work in extreme conditions, temperatures and spaces where it would otherwise be impossible. They are built to last, they meet the highest standard of health and safety legislation and they are portable meaning they can be placed anywhere, anytime.


Please note: This information should not be used to zone areas or decide whether equipment is suitable. Specialist ATEX advice must always be taken before making decisions. SA Equip LLP accept no liability for use of this information. E & O E.