Air Filtration for Safer Working - What You Need to Know

17th May 2021

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Why Working Environment Air Filtration is Essential More Often Than You Might Think

It’s easy to think that working area air filtration is only for the benefit of the person directly working in dusty conditions or carrying out tasks like welding or painting...but this could be dangerously wrong.

Ventilation of high enough quality to take into account the personal safety of people in the surrounding environment is needed for many jobs considered to have a hazardous conditions risk.

For example: how often have you noticed the smell of paint spreading through a large site when work is being carried out? This suggests that paint fumes have gone beyond the immediate work area and could be affecting people - and the air they breathe - in a wider area.

Our quick read blog explains why air filtration should be used and overviews a simple, powerful solution designed to provide safer air for everyone even in the toughest conditions.

Air Filtration Systems and Safer Working

The reason for using an air filtration solution in hazardous working conditions is a simple one: clean, breathable air is a necessity for safe, efficient work.

This, however, also applies to air in the area surrounding a worksite if it is likely to be impacted by work carried out.

Therefore a heavy-duty air filtration unit should be provided to remove particles, odours and dust from the air when these conditions are going to be present.

The right air filtration unit - read on for a solution already in use across multiple heavy industries - doesn’t just make a worksite safer but is also purpose-designed for portability, extreme durability and, of course, ease of use for faster, more efficient working. 

Portable Air Filtration for Hazardous Environments

Our recommendation? The SA CYCLONE Filtration Unit is a proven, versatile portable unit allowing the user to filter extracted air in multiple different applications.  It is simply connected inline with flexible ducting and an air mover and as the air moves through it removes particles, odours and/or dust as relevant, expelling clean air from the output.

The unit is also suitable for use in Hazardous Areas Zones 1 and 2 as it has undergone an ignition hazard assessment.  It is fully compatible with the SA CYCLONE Air Mover and Anti Static Ducting, meaning a complete temporary ventilation and filtration system can be created. 

The unit is completely modular and is provided with a choice of filters.  Other filters can also be provided allowing the unit to be configured to suit each working environment.

Filter units, or filter systems, can be provided for...

• Hot work
• Paint scenarios
• Dusty environments

A certified HEPA version, which will remove potential bacteria and viruses from the air, makes the unit a complete, plug and play solution for cleaner air in tough working situations. 

Equipment for Safer Working - Why SA Equip?

We bring almost 100 years of pacesetting service and knowledge - with a foundation in the most extreme shipping and oil industry environments – to global clients across aerospace, shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and more.

But we’re much more than just an equipment ‘supplier’. We actively help our clients safely achieve optimal ventilation, heat, power and lighting results in challenging environments using stand-alone solutions. Our in-house product development team can even devise a bespoke solution.

This means SA Equip portable air, light, heat and power products have been proven in challenging conditions offshore, in the air and beyond for almost a century.

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