Reducing Shutdown Impact Starts with the Right Equipment

8th February 2021

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Every offshore professional knows that a well-executed shutdown can avoid damaging delays, disruption and costs.

This means a textbook shutdown begins with meticulous planning including the right equipment for safe, effective and uninterrupted work.

That’s why we asked our SA Equip offshore specialist for three quick read shutdown equipment insights every shutdown co-ordinator should see.

Offshore Shutdown Equipment: Essential Considerations

The on-site equipment available to operators for an effective shutdown should take into account these factors:

Managed environment: Achieving completed work without downtime means making sure challenging environments such as space limitations are taken into account well in advance.

A typical example of a disruption-avoiding equipment decision? For limited space, a compact SA LUMIN EX LED Rechargeable Floodlight offers 12 hours of 2,000 lumens light without cables. 

Appropriate capabilities: An offshore setting demands marine-grade equipment with the right spec to remain water-resistant and anti-corrosive. 

An SA Equip adviser will be happy to help identify equipment with the gas, dust and water rating needed for effective use. 

Uninterrupted operation: An ultra-robust power supply is a popular order from our offshore clients for good reason.

Because safe and profitable oil or gas production depends on consistent power supply for operators the SA POWERNET EX 3.8KVA Transformer is a trusted and proven choice.

Offshore Shutdown Equipment: Benefits of the Right Supplies

Clients who have made sure oil and gas production shutdowns are equipped, with the best possible choice of equipment, consistently see a range of benefits.

After all, anyone working on a shutdown will know it is, by nature, a chain of closely linked events. 

That’s why the right lighting, ventilation and heating equipment can help deliver a well-planned shutdown scope with the actions, materials and resources coming together as an efficient shutdown, execution and start-up.

The alternative to this can be extremely costly as shutdowns are very complex and expensive projects during which anything can happen, leading to unexpected situations that interfere with schedules and postpone production start-up. 

Therefore it is essential to minimise all delays in order to stay on schedule as well as to ensure a smooth transition to normal production and to recover productivity as quickly as possible. 

In short: being well prepared and using a budget wisely, including in terms of equipment designed to prevent delays, is an investment in safer, smoother operations.

Help to Find the Best Possible Solution

We’re proud to help clients achieve optimal lighting, heat and ventilation results in challenging environments. Our in-house product development team can even devise a bespoke solution.

After all, we bring almost 100 years of pacesetting service and knowledge - with a foundation in the most extreme shipping and oil industry environments – to global clients across aerospace, shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and more.

This means SA Equip portable air, light, heat and power products have been proven in offshore, in the air and beyond for almost a century.

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