Quality is key to safety, culture is key to quality

7th January 2019

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Quality is key to safety, culture is key to quality

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We live in an ever-changing society where the demands of consumers are evolving and changing daily. People want quality, they want passion and they want integrity. This is evident across all industries, safety and quality must go hand in hand, they cannot be independent, they must be friends.

The dark side: Cost over Quality

We commonly ask ourselves how we can cut costs whilst maintaining quality. What we really should be asking ourselves is what is more important: Offering the highest quality of product or offering the cheapest product? From a continuous improvement perspective, we see it as our duty to use the highest-quality of materials during the design and manufacture of our products. The extreme environments these products are used within present tough challenges for personnel and therefore quality of equipment is one thing which cannot afford to waiver.

Following a career in industrial engineering has given me the ability to drive change, through providing support to different people within the factory. I can positively impact the major components which drive the company forward, be it within sales, production or quality I can leave my imprint on the business from both a manufacturing and business angle.

My role at SA Equip allows me to provide a series of support networks across all various functions of the business, ranging from production through to sales. This is extremely important, as within any major business worldwide, sales and production must work collaboratively. Bridging the gap between these functions helps me understand different processes and implement key standards to ensure high quality throughout the supply chain.

Teamwork is important in every avenue of life, especially when you are working together to achieve company goals, as individuals’ opinions and skillsets can provide valuable insight across projects. Promoting an ethos of high quality across an organisation is essential, quality is not down one department to control. It is a way of working which should be mirrored and encouraged in all aspects of a company.

SA Equip implements quality standards across our supply chain to ensure all our suppliers meet our service standards, we evaluate our partners to ensure a shared goal for quality is achieved and they can support us in our mission to provide high-quality, marketing leading products to the global EX equipment in a sustainable way.