Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: Four Essential Considerations

13th April 2021

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Users of heavy-duty equipment for use in industrial and hazardous conditions will know that choosing the right specification of products for the risk involved simply isn’t optional.

The same applies to the right type of equipment, as this decision will greatly impact the management of risk and can help deliver a safe, efficient on-site project.

Our quick-read blog overviews four essential factors to consider when choosing between portable work lighting and fixed lighting.

1, Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: The (Obvious) First Question

Portable lighting simply refers to a unit which can be moved from one place to another while connected to the power supply. It can be easily removed from its support by hand.

This means, conversely, that fixed lighting cannot easily be moved from one placed to another because it can only be removed using a tool or because it is out of reach (by, for example, being permanently fixed to a ceiling).

You can find more details about both definitions in IEC 60598-1 here.

The clear initial question is, therefore, whether the ability to move the light without use of a tool would benefit the efficiently of the work at hand.

2, Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: Fall/ Drop Risk Benefits

Portable lighting purpose-made for challenging work conditions is designed and tested with some typical risks in mind.

For example, if an SA Equip ATEX-certified portable light falls or is dropped:

• The internal wiring and components will stay reliably connected

• The enclosure will withstand expected shocks

• There is no danger of an electric shock

Ultimately, an SA Equip portable light will survive drops from several feet while retaining these essential designed-in fall/ drop risk features.

3, Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: Operator Handling

When an operator handles an ultra-robust portable light designed for challenging conditions:

• There are no sharp edges or other hazards to personal safety  

• There are no glass particles if broken

• The surface is anti-static

• The light can be moved while connected to the supply

• It is portable

This means a safer option for the person handling the light and, overall, a quicker project with reduced risk of delays.

4, Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: Cable Pull Protection

Should you ever feel a heavy pull on the cable of the portable work lights, you need not worry:

• The cable is clamped firmly as a structural part of the Worklight

• The cable clamp is designed for flexible use

• The cable is suitable for heavy industrial use

• The cable cannot be pulled from the Worklight (up to 24kg of weight on the cable)

The flexibility and durability of these Portable ATEX Worklight cables are second to none and are rigorously tested to ensure that any strenuous pulling is not an issue.

Portable Work Lights vs Fixed Lighting: SA Lumin LED Portable Lights

The SA Equip lighting range offers an outstanding range of quality portable lighting solutions, from handheld LED task lighting to wall mounted linkable lights. Further versatility to the range comes from a large selection of accompanying accessories.

A number of options are available including an emergency version which serves as a dual-purpose unit operating normally as an ATEX approved portable light together with maintained emergency back-up lighting giving an additional one hour of lighting in the case of power failure.

With the SA LUMIN Fixing System, lights can be attached to floating roofs, scaffold tubes, Unistrut, hooks or u-bolts. The brackets will even take to greasy, rusty or uneven surfaces.

For help to choose the right certified lighting for EX area, gas, dust and temperature risks just ask. We’re here to help.

Equipment for Safer Working

We’re much more than just an equipment ‘supplier’. We actively help our clients safely achieve optimal ventilation, heat and lighting results in challenging environments using stand-alone solutions. Our in-house product development team can even devise a bespoke solution.

After all, we bring almost 100 years of pacesetting service and knowledge - with a foundation in the most extreme shipping and oil industry environments – to global clients across aerospace, shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and more.

This means SA Equip portable air, light, heat and power products have been proven in challenging conditions offshore, in the air and beyond for almost a century.

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For help with choosing the right equipment, request a demonstration or to find out more about our bespoke equipment service.


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