How to easily reduce coating curing times

7th April 2017

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How to easily reduce coating curing times

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Relative humidity causes many problems. It slows down work rates, stops paint and coatings from sticking or curing properly, causes delays to projects and so on. So what is it?

If the humidity in your work area is too high then certain jobs can’t be done. Typically paint & coating manufacturers will insist an ambient temperature of 15°C and at least 3°C above the dew point of the air (i.e. above the point of condensation). There are 2 ways to reduce humidity:


1. Remove moisture from the air
        a. This can be a difficult task, especially offshore

2. Increase the air temperature
b. This simple solution will reduce the humidity and increase the ambient temperature helping
            paint and coating to dry quicker


By using the SA FLEXIHEAT ATEX Heater you can safely raise the air temperature in hazardous areas or confined spaces. This will have a massive impact on the humidity. Tests have shown that a 10°C increase in air temperature can reduce the humidity by over 20% points. This dramatically reduces the drying time. To give an example a paint manufacturer quotes the following drying times:


How to easily reduce coating curing times including temperatures


This shows a reduction in curing time of 50% by increasing the ambient air temperature by just 8°C.

This ATEX Heater can provide a typical ambient temperature increase of 20°C which has a massive impact on your humidity levels. This will allow your tasks to be completed on time and will stop the unwanted delays. Not only can your team get their work completed faster but it will also have a positive effect on the whole project.

To dramatically reduce your curing times call +44 (0)333 240 6111 or email us at  We would be glad to help you.   Have you downloaded the brochure?


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