Faster, Safer Ventilation for Aircraft Engineers: Explore the Ultimate System

26th January 2021

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Aviation ventilation

Safe Ventilation for Aircraft Engineers

We’ve often been trusted to deliver stand-alone heat, air, light and power systems when high-performance equipment is as important for critical safety as it is for efficiency.

That’s why a UK Aviation specialist turned to SA Equip when a fast, effective method to reduce vapour in fuel tanks was needed to allow their engineers to work.

How was the vital task of safe vapour removal achieved?

Our client used a simple three-part SA Equip-based rig…


With ducting connected to the fuel tank, access to the tank was opened elsewhere allowing the SA Equip set-up to draw air through the tank.


Activated carbon filters allowed air to be expelled into the hanger with a safe level of around 95% of vapour removed from the airstream.

High-performance air mover:

The SA Cyclone EX air mover, making up the third stage of the rig, ensures the safe and reliable extraction of the dangerous vapours.

All combined, this ultimate ventilation system shows the power of the right solution used to deliver a safer, more efficient method of working.


Let’s Find a Better Solution…Together

When performance ventilation is vital for essential tasks, we strive to help clients achieve optimal results. Our in-house product development team can even devise a bespoke solution for aviation clients.

After all, we bring almost 100 years of pacesetting service and knowledge - with a foundation in the most extreme shipping and oil industry environments – to global clients across aerospace, shipping, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and more.

This means SA Equip portable air, light, heat and power products have been proven in the air, at sea and beyond for almost a century.

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