12th June 2018

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Africa Perez Calderon carrying a pink and white cake and mentioning her time at SA Equip next to her colleague holding a minions cartoon plate.

We caught up with our design intern, Africa Perez Calderon to find out about her time at SA Equip so far and her aspirations for the future.

Below are Africa's thoughts on her time so far: 

What drew you to SA Equip?

I have been very interested in gaining insight into the product design world outside university context and the internship at SA Equip provided just that.

I was very drawn to the company due to the emphasis they place on providing products that are best for the users. Also, the ideology of continuing to improve product lines to ensure all requirements are met to the highest of standards appealed to me. I was excited to be part of a team that aims to help improve working conditions in extreme environments and hence makes a difference in the world.

What excites you most about the design internship at SA Equip?

SA Equip is giving me a chance to apply the knowledge I have, as well as the knowledge I gain during this experience, to a real engineering project environment. I am very excited to continue to learn about the way tasks are taken on and to understand the processes behind a growing business. I am most excited about continuing to work for the technology department in the design and development of products and to see how much I will can accomplished and grow by the end of this experience.

Who as a designer has inspired you to follow this career path?

There wasn't ever just one designer that inspired me to follow this career path. The main reason I took this path was my interest in mathematics, physics and technical drawing while I was studying at school. I found these subjects interesting and enjoyable, so I wanted to find a career path that could provide me with a combination of all three and felt lucky that I was able to find one. To mention a designer, I found Dieter Rams, creator of Vitsoe, inspiring. I found his work ethic as well as the company he created and their vision very interesting.

How do you think your internship will help your career prospects?

I believe this internship will greatly help my career prospects. The experience will allow me to further understand, learn and develop the knowledge and skills that are required in an engineering project environment. I believe I will also be able to learn about myself, what I am good at and what I enjoy working on the most. The chance to begin my professional career at SA Equip is an opportunity that will open doors in the future and I am very happy to have obtained a chance to be part of the SA Equip team.