1st December 2017

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the oil and gas industry with smoke piping covering the sun

Lower profit margins across a range of industries means more efficient operations and processes are critical to aid not only success, but survival. Costs incurred from operational slowdowns or product downtime caused by equipment failure or repairs is unaffordable in the oil industry today.

Is the pressure not quite mounted high enough yet? It does not appear to be as the rate of technological advancements increases across markets at an exponential rate. Companies are continually having to find new ways to set themselves apart from the competition and increase the benefits of their product or service offering to the end user. Providing quality products is simply not enough nowadays. Looking at the bigger picture you must deliver products that actively improve the working life and value of your end users’ operations.

One way to achieve this is through product compatibility. Designing and building products that provide additional functionality to existing products can increase efficiency and value. 

Extreme Environments Calls for Smart Compatibility

Designing reliable and robust EX equipment for hazardous and hostile environments requires experience and a passion for safety. Two qualities that SA Equip are proud to say we have. Clients sometimes come to us with requirements for products for use in specific environments which presents new opportunities for our team to provide innovative solutions. We enjoy the challenge of adapting, learning and creating market-leading products for use in a host of hazardous applications. Ultimately increasing the safety of operators’ projects.   

We ensure compatibility between a range of our products to enable complete project packages to be provided where possible. All our product ranges are designed as ‘Plug and Play’ systems to enable fast and efficient implementation and maintenance of the products. Compatible equipment throughout the oil & gas industry can help reduce supply chain inefficiencies and operational downtime. Another benefit that is achieved through compatible products is the enhanced performance of existing equipment resulting in less maintenance costs and increased safety.