Blasting Visibility Issues?

26th August 2016

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Blasting Visibility Issues?

A man with PPE work-wear using Flashlight to view something in the dark

Do you find it difficult to see through the dust created when blasting? Do you have to wait for the air to clear and then go back over sections that have been missed? Sound familiar? Would you like a solution that significantly improves your productivity?


The SA LUMIN Blast Light enables you to become 100% more efficient when blasting providing a consistent and precise experience.


Providing a penetrating beam that cuts through the dust, this fully ATEX certified Blastlight for use in Zones 1 & 2 (gas) and 21 & 22 (dust), enables precise and accurate blasting.   With the power to achieve significant cost savings, by direct illumination, you will achieve the desired results much quicker, cutting out the need to go back over the areas that have been missed. Here is a testimonial we received from an experienced Blaster that uses the SA LUMIN EX Blast Light……

 "I've been painting and blasting for over 18 years and I can honestly say that working with the SA LUMIN ATEX Blast Light made my job easier than ever before.  One of the biggest problems with blasting is visibility.  If you are dry blasting, the dust produced reduces visibility very quickly and you forever have to stop and re-assess your surface.  When using the SA LUMIN Blast Light however, you can carry on as the concentrated beam allows you perfect vision throughout the task.  As a result of my experience using this equipment, I would say that that I was 100% more efficient with my time on the job meaning that I would be able to blast the task in half the time." ~ Experienced Blaster, North Sea Sector
 Nothing beats seeing a product in real life – want to find out more?  Call us on +44(0) 333 240 6111, send your request to, or visit to see the product in action.
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