An unrivalled LED Zone 0 Tasklight using a bank of high power LED's...

10th March 2017

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...which provide a clear, even light output.

SA LUMIN EX LED Tasklight product image flashing in-front of a black background

The SA LUMIN EX LED Tasklight is a very versatile.  It hangs, stands up, lies down, as well as being extremely comfortable and lightweight to hold.  

There is simply nothing like it - the SA LUMIN LED Tasklight gives excellent levels of illumination with no trailing cables to worry about. 

Highly durable, this Tasklight can be taken into any ATEX Zoned area, ideal for quick inspections and small tasks, emergency response use, rope access work, or tasks in a remote or difficult to reach areas. 

Suitable for a wide variety of industries, from the Upstream Oil & Gas sector to Utilities and the Aerospace industry.  When combined with the accessories it can be used in any situation.  The holster system straps the Tasklight to your body allowing hands free operation.  It is also suitable for rope access work.  The magnetic bracket can be used to clamp the Tasklight in the work areas as a Worklight.

Download the SA LUMIN EX LED Tasklight Brochure for more details and specifications.   Have you seen the Tasklight Kits - click on the button 'SA LUMIN LED Tasklight Kits' and that will take you to the web page.


SA LUMIN LED Tasklight Kits