19th September 2018

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Offshore and energy industry on the beach with sunrise behind the sea

The oil and gas industry has dealt with a great number of challenges since the downturn began in 2015. The industry has often been characterised as being set in its ways and fearing change.

However, the industry has shown positive steps towards changing the way work is being conducted and Offshore Europe was a testament to this. The number of visitors at the exhibition may have been lower than in 2015, however the conversations being had were of a higher quality as everyone looks towards the future and what is has to offer. 

SPE Offshore Europe 2017 has helped to reinvigorate the energy industry and brought a fresh perspective on the importance of embracing change, adopting new processes and innovating advancing technologies. One technology that was prominent in every hall at the exhibition was virtual and augmented reality – this is a taste of what the future holds.

Virtual reality is set to play a major role in increasing engagement of digital learners throughout the oil and gas industry and providing an alternative way of industry training and real-life application during projects.

At SA Equip our mission has always been to work with our customers to provide in-demand EX Equipment that solves the challenges they face – from increasing efficiency to the safety of their operations.

We have focused a lot of time and effort staying at the forefront of advancing technologies – which sometimes means disregarding what is old and embracing new market opportunities and ways of working.

One of the most significant changes we can vision for the future of the EX market is the way in which people enter confined spaces. Rechargeable products are set to take a much stronger part in the way people use equipment which reduces operational costs such as power transformers and MDUs.

As a long established company, SA Equip have been developing EX certified, safe and  practical equipment for use in dangerous and extreme conditions in all kinds of industries all over the world including oil and gas, petrochemicals, aerospace, utilities, pharmaceuticals, and shipping, to name a few. 

We have reached several milestones throughout the years including the development of our SA FLEXIHEAT ATEX Heater which has provided cost-effective benefits for a range of our clients. A prime example that highlights the capabilities of the Heater was when Cape used 2 SA FLEXIHEAT Heaters on the Underside of a Heli-Deck to get the work environment up to the correct temperature specification – this job was completed 5 days ahead of schedule.