17th October 2018

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Potentially explosive gas and dust industry with flashlights, pipes, stairs, and m,any handrails.

An increase in the awareness of both potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres has led to stricter safety requirements within the EX market. Across industries today, the level of knowledge and understanding of EX Equipment has vastly increased – with a wide range of personnel having an increased interest in learning about the application and capabilities of EX safety equipment.

The EX market is forward thinking in nature: in recent years we have seen developments in portable, movable equipment with increased usage of LED lighting, as well as use of Equipment Protection Levels (EPLs) as an International protection and marking system. These key developments have led to more details being applied to the EX product labels and requirements for more understanding.

Industries are evolving the way they are working: technology is advancing operations and capabilities globally. In the oil and gas industry, whatever the development of confined space entries, platform turnarounds, tank cleaning and inspection jobs, there will always be a requirement for EX Certified equipment.

The fast-paced nature of the global oil and gas industry calls for action, not just ideas. This is where a popular buzz word comes into play: innovation. What really is innovation? To the EX Market it is about new ideas, new ways of thinking and ultimately about new ways of increasing safety. The design of EX equipment is extremely important in establishing the integrity for the manufacture and supply of valued safety equipment for use in a hazardous area.