SA Equip offices grey building from outside

We’ve been in business since 1924, originally providing electrical supplies and support to the shipping industry. In the 1960s – when the great North Sea oil boom began – the EX industry was in its infancy, and few products had been specifically designed for use in hazardous environments. We responded to the new demand by developing safe, rugged, practical equipment for use on and offshore.

Our business grew with oil and gas, as we developed solutions in light, heat, ventilation and power distribution, achieving several ‘world firsts’ along the way. Over the years we’ve learned that what works for oil and gas also works in other potentially dangerous, cramped or inaccessible environments. SA Equip products are now used in shipping, aerospace, defence, utilities, pharmaceuticals, distilling, power stations and other heavy industry applications.

Many of our products are unique in the current market. Moreover, we have unrivalled experience in solving problems for dangerous conditions, in all kinds of industries, all over the world.