Designing and manufacturing market-leading EX equipment requires knowledge and a commited team. The diverse experience, creative ideas and dedicated nature of our people are what drives our company vision and goals forward everyday.

SA Equip's driven, versatile team's range of skills ensures that we are able to provide the highest quality of equipment for clients requirements. In addition we have the experience and technical know-how to provide bespoke advice to increase the safety and efficiency of our customers.

Meet some of our people below..

  • Mike Shimwell

    Mike Shimwell

    Managing Director
  • Terry Shimwell

    Terry Shimwell

    Global Sales Director
  • Barry Steven
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    Barry Steven


    Barry Steven Sales

    Barry is a key member of our sales team, responsible for UK sales support. He works closely with clients to determine the challenges they face and advise suitable products for their application to save them time and money throughout their projects. 

  • Michaela McLeish

    Michaela McLeish

    Sales Coordinator
  • Neil Skirton

    Neil Skirton

    Sales Consultant