Designing and manufacturing market-leading EX equipment requires knowledge and a commited team. The diverse experience, creative ideas and dedicated nature of our people are what drives our company vision and goals forward everyday.

SA Equip's driven, versatile team's range of skills ensures that we are able to provide the highest quality of equipment for clients requirements. In addition we have the experience and technical know-how to provide bespoke advice to increase the safety and efficiency of our customers.

Meet some of our people below..

  • Peter Shimwell
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    Peter Shimwell

    Innovations Director

    Peter Shimwell Innovations Director

    Peter has held a number of roles across SA Equip, he is now focused on new product sales and bringing customer input into product development projects throughout the business. His responsibilities include overseeing new product demonstrations, customer integration and develop industry leading equipment. 


  • Blake Edwards
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    Blake Edwards

    Product Design Engineer

    Blake Edwards Product Design Engineer

    Blake has been with SA Equip for 6 years, his responsibilities include product design and technical support. He is predominately involved in the development of the lighting range.

    Having had a long-standing interest in innovations and design, he felt that SA Equip stood out as a company who sought to challenge the status quo and develop great market-leading products. 


  • Gordon Priestly
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    Gordon Priestly

    Technical Manager

    Gordon Priestly Technical Manager

    Gordon's responsibilities include designing products and providing technical assistance on a variety of project specs. Day to day his role can vary widely, some days involve designing 3D CAD models to see how products will be assembled, other days will involve creating mathematical models to predict how they will work.

    Gordon has worked in the explosive atmosphere equipment market since graduating from university.    

  • Michael Richard

    Michael Richard

    Senior Product Design Engineer