At SA Equip we're experts in handling these four elemental forces.   Our technologies allow you to control temperature, airflow and illumination - and to distribute power - safely and efficiently in dangerous, potentially explosive environments.  SA Equip have a complete range of ATEX & IECEx certified Portable Lighting, Heating, Power Distribution & Ventilation.  


At SA Equip, we help you work safely and efficiently in the most challenging and dangerous environments in the world.

We don’t just keep you safe – although that’s key to what we do.

We enable. With our equipment, you can work in environments, conditions, temperatures and spaces where it would otherwise be impossible. You can achieve better results with less risk, and in fewer man-hours. With our help, you can do more with less. That’s why our promise to you is both safety and efficiency –
efficiency that translates into real, tangible business benefits.


To work closely with our customers in providing optimum solutions that will improve their employees' lives by helping them operate more safely and effectively.


We support demanding industries like oil and gas, petrochemicals, defence and aviation. Our equipment must perform brilliantly in the most demanding conditions, including explosive environments, treacherous seas and extreme temperatures. And when business conditions are equally tough, the superior performance of our
equipment becomes even more beneficial.

Our kit is powerful, rugged and dependable. It is portable and versatile, enabling use in otherwise inaccessible places and allowing you to work quicker, independently of local conditions. Many of our products are the only examples of their kind which are fully tested and certified with ATEX accreditation. And of course, our kit is designed around safety. It all means SA Equip can save you money, as well as keeping you safe.


We are world leaders in EX equipment, and we’re entirely dedicated to the field. We built our company alongside the expanding oil and gas industry, and we know that world intimately. As we’ve expanded to provide equipment for other environments – like utilities, power stations and aerospace – we’ve gone out of our way to become expert in those industries, too.

You can of course contact us simply to buy a product like a Tasklight or a Transformer. We’ll supply what you want, and it will be amongst the very best of its kind available anywhere in the world. But when you talk to us you also get the benefit of decades of experience, as well as in-depth product knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of health and safety legislation. We can advise on everything from support packages to operator training. And we will always recommend what we believe to be right for you, providing cost-effective solutions for real-world challenges.


Since the 1960s, we’ve been designing, building and refining superb products that help our customers work safely and efficiently in demanding environments. We’re committed to maintaining our lead in the industry.

We’re always looking ahead, but that doesn’t mean we expect you to refresh your kit every year. On the contrary, we develop products to last, future-proofing against regulations as well as technological development and designing new products that are compatible with our existing range wherever possible.