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Portable ATEX & Ex Solutions

ATEX Portable Lighting, Power Distribution, Heating & Ventilation Solutions.

You know that industry has many challenges. The Oil, Gas & Chemical industry is especially challenging. You are under a lot of pressure to keep plant and assets running smoothly.  But wear & tear, corrosion, rust and fatigue never stop or hold back. Maintenance has to be carried out, projects have to be completed. The environments you work in are harsh, and often with extreme conditions. The last thing you need to worry about is the equipment you are relying on. That is what we, here at SA, are busy working on. Constantly striving to make your work area safer and the working environment more efficient.

Reliable Confined Space Equipment 

Reliable portable ATEX equipment is essential. By using well designed and correctly certified equipment you are reducing the chance of problems. Studies have also shown that the working environment has a massive impact on the efficiencies of those working hard. These environments are extreme and harsh by definition. Any equipment that improves the working area will have a big impact on how quickly tasks can be completed.

Certified Solutions for Hazardous Areas

SA has been designing, manufacturing and supplying highly portable and reliable ATEX equipment for years. All our products are designed specifically for use in explosive or hazardous areas and are tested to extremes. Fully ATEX certified they are suitable for use onshore or offshore. They are used by the oil & gas majors, specialist contractors, chemical plants, shipyards, aircraft maintenance and utility companies. SA has gained a global reputation for innovation and first class service.